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Amsys ME705

Manufacturer: Amsys
Measurement Category: Hydraulic
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space

Communication Protocol: Voltage
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 5 V


The pressure sensor ME705 for gage pressure measurement is an OEM-product consisting of the ceramic pressure ME651 and a small PCB board with the complete signal conditioning electronic. The sensor is trimmed by LASER in span and offset. Mounting the ME705 is stress free; the signal output will be 0.5 to 4.5 Volt ratiometrical. Available in pressure ranges from 0-2bar to 0-400bar

Sensor Measurements

  • Pressure (Hydraulic)
  • Differential Pressure (Hydraulic)

Measurement Specifications
Pressure ranges from 0-2bar to 0-400bar

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