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ATI-5005TS Thread-mount Stainless Steel water sensor

Manufacturer: A.T. Monitors
Measurement Category: Condition Monitoring, Hydraulic
Operating Environment: Splash Zone, Dry Enclosed Space
Mounting: 1/2" NPT male thread
Communication Protocol: Voltage
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: Battery, Current, VAC, VDC
Power Specification: Any voltage. Simply shorts a circuit.


The new ATI-5005TS Water Sensor is a heavy-duty, stainless-steel version of our ATI-5005B sensor. It has been designed for more extreme environmental conditions, able to withstand corrosion, higher temperature and pressure. It is designed to detect water at a point location in tanks, sumps, piping and any other location to detect the presence of water or conductive liquids.

Sensor Measurements

  • Tank Level (Hydraulic)
  • Fluid Presence (Internal Environment)

Measurement Specifications
Normally open.

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

A.T. Monitors provides a number of other leak detection and level monitoring devices. See site for more details. .

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