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Relative Humidity (2m cable) Smart Sensor

Measurement Category: Meteorological
Operating Environment: Above Water
Version(s): S-THB-M002
Mounting: Zip ties.
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Specification: Powered by ONSET Data Logger.


The 12-bit Temperature/Relative Humidity Smart Sensor is designed to work with all Onset data loggers that accept Smart Sensors. Requires replacement Relative Humidity caps and sensors. This model includes a 2m cable.

Sensor Measurements

  • Temperature (Air)
  • Relative Humidity (Air)

Measurement Specifications
Relative Humidity: Range: 0 - 100% Accuracy +- 2.5% from 10% to 90% Resolution: 0.1% at 25 deg C

Temperature: Range: -40 C to 75 C (-40 F to 167 F) Accuracy: +- 0.21 C from 0 to 50 C Resoltuion: 0.02 C at 25 C

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Available off-the-shelf. Compatible with HOBO Micro Station Data Logger; HOBO U30 USB Weather Station; HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station; and HOBO H22 Energy Data Logger. Solar radiation shield, carrying case, and extension cables available.

User Experience

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