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TSC U31 Underwater ACFM System

Manufacturer: Ashtead Technology
Measurement Category: Condition Monitoring
Operating Environment: Underwater

Communication Protocol: Internal Logging
Operating Mode: Polled
Power Supply Type: VAC
Power Specification: 110 VAC at 200 mA


The Model U31 Underwater ACFM Crack Microgauge is the third generation instrument that uses alternating current field measurement technique enables reliable surface breaking crack detection and crack depth measurement on a wide range of components and structural geometries. The probes have been developed to minimise signals from features that are not cracks, eg corrosion, undercut, HAZ, material property change.

Instrument Measurements

  • Wall Thickness (Structural Health)

Measurement Specifications
Detects structural cracks, not really wall thickness.

Optional Sensors

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