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Measurement Category: Meteorological, Oceanographic
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space
Version(s): Basic, Basic w/SR10, Extended, Extended w/SR10
Communication Protocol: RS-232, RS-422


The next generation sensor and instrument HUB for Ocean, Lake, Reservoir, Estuary and River Hydrometric stations.

Instrument Measurements

    Optional Sensors

    Air Pressure Sensor 2810: Barometric Pressure (Air)
    Air Temperature Sensor 3455: Temperature (Air)
    Conductivity & Temperature Sensor 4119:
    Conductivity Sensor 3919: Salinity (Water)
    Conductivity Sensor 4019: Salinity (Water)
    Conductivity Sensor 4120: Salinity (Water)
    Conductivity Sensor 4319: Salinity (Water)
    MIRA Visibility Sensor 3544: Visibility (Air)
    Oxygen Sensor 3835: Dissolved Oxygen (Water)
    Relative Humidity Sensor 3445: Relative Humidity (Air)
    Solar Radiation Sensor 2770: Net Radiation (Solar)
    Tide Sensor 5217: Pressure (Tidal), Sea Surface Height (Tidal), Temperature (Water), Pressure (Water)
    Turbidity Sensor 4112: Turbidity (Water)
    Turbidity Sensor 4705: Turbidity (Water)
    Vented Pressure Sensor: Pressure (Water), Temperature (Water)
    Vented Tide Sensor: Pressure (Tidal), Sea Surface Height (Tidal), Pressure (Water), Temperature (Water)
    Vented Wave Sensor: Wave Statistics (Wave), Wave Height (Wave), Non-Directional Spectra (Wave), Pressure (Water), Temperature (Water)
    Wave and Tide Sensor 5218: Pressure (Tidal), Sea Surface Height (Tidal), Wave Statistics (Wave), Pressure (Water), Temperature (Water), Wave Height (Wave)
    Wind Direction 3590: Direction (Wind)
    Wind Speed Sensor 2740: Speed (Wind)

    Guides and Manuals

    Product Web Page:

    Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

    • Great flexibility: Basic extended full versions handle air and water sensors
    • Flexible easy configuration and setup using PC software
    • Fully integrated with Aanderaa real-time system
    • Full AiCaP Bus compatibility, including 150m string with up to 25 sensors
    • Plug-n-play Aanderaa Smart sensor interfaces: O2, conductivity, temperature, pressure,

    water level, tide and current

    • Aanderaa SR10 and VR22 meteorological sensor interfaces: wind speed and

    direction, temperature, RH, visibility, air pressure and more

    • Interfaces for most 3rd party RS-232/RS-422 sensors, analog sensors, digital sensors
    • XML data records with complete metadata; traceable and with status info on

    individual parameters

    • Large onboard data storage capacity on a removable SD memory card
    • External power supply 12- 30V internally regulated
    • Up to 6 double ended analog sensor input (0-5V, 24 bit)
    • Individual power control for attached sensors
    • Low power consumption
    • RS-232 communication port with controlled power supply for communication equipment
    • Easy readable display and 6 key operator panel

    User Experience

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