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Nortek Aquadopp Current Meter

Manufacturer: NortekUSA
Measurement Category: Oceanographic
Operating Environment: Underwater
Version(s): Sensor Frequency (Range): 2 MHz, 2 MHz with inductive modem (300 m, 3000 m, 6000 m)
Mounting: Upward Looking
Communication Protocol: Internal Logging, RS-232, RS-422
Operating Mode: Free Streaming, Stand Alone
Power Supply Type: Battery, VDC
Power Specification: 9-15 VDC, 3A @ 12 VDC peak, 0.1 W average consumption, 1.3 mW sleep
External Input: 2 Analog, 0-5 V, 16 bit A/D


The Aquadopp current meter measures the water current velocity in a single volume. The Aquadopp current meter is small, low-power sensor allowing for long deployments. All plastic and titanium parts. Includes suite of Windows software. Also designed to interface with third-party controllers. Real-time and autonomous application compatible.

Instrument Measurements

  • 2D Velocity Point Measurement (Current)
  • 3D Velocity Point Measurement (Current)
  • Temperature (Water)

Measurement Specifications
See spec sheet for additonal sensor details.

Optional Sensors

No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Both two and three axis head configurations. Available with inductive modem. Mooring line mounting frames also available.

User Experience

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