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Loggerhead Remora-ST Glider Acoustic Datalogger

Measurement Category: Acoustic Noise, Ship Monitoring, Animal Monitoring
Operating Environment: Underwater

Communication Protocol: Internal Logging, USB
Operating Mode: Stand Alone
Power Supply Type: Battery
Power Specification: Battery: rechargeable Li-Ion


The Remora-ST is a self-contained acoustic recorder designer to attach to ROVs, Gliders, and AUVs. Sealed in acoustically transparent polyurethane gives max dpepth of 3000m. Adjustable sample rates.

Instrument Measurements

  • Sound Pressure Level (Sound Pressure)
  • Presence (Animal Detection)
  • Vocalization (Animal Detection)
  • Vocalization (Animal Identification)
  • Local Presence less than 10km (Ship Detection)

Measurement Specifications
Max sample rate 288 kHz - measures frequency to 144 kHz

Optional Sensors

No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Solid potted housing: 3000 m depth rating

User Experience

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