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Keysight PA2200 Series IntegraVision AC Power Analyser

Manufacturer: Keysight Technologies
Measurement Category: Electric & Power
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space
Version(s): PA2201A 2-Channel, Single Phase PA2203A 4-Channel, Three Phase
Mounting: Benchtop
Communication Protocol: USB
Power Supply Type: VAC


The Keysight IntegraVision power analyzer is ideal for R&D engineers who want to quickly and interactively measure AC and DC power consumption, power conversion efficiency, operational response to stimulus and common AC power parameters such as frequency, phase and harmonics - all with 0.05 % basic accuracy and 16-bit resolution. The power analyzer enables engineers to characterize power consumption under highly dynamic conditions with 5 million samples per second digitizing speed and 2.5 MHz bandwidth.

Instrument Measurements

  • AC Voltage (Voltage)
  • DC Voltage (Voltage)
  • AC Current (Electric Current)
  • DC Current (Electric Current)
  • AC Power (Power)
  • DC Power (Power)
  • Frequency (Frequency)
  • Waveform (Frequency)

Optional Sensors

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