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Jasco Observer

Measurement Category: Oceanographic, Location, Acoustic Noise, Animal Monitoring
Operating Environment: Underwater
Version(s): Depth: Standard 250 m, Deep 2500 m
Communication Protocol: Ethernet, Internal Logging
Operating Mode: Free Streaming, Polled, Stand Alone
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 7-16 VDC, 600 mW


The Jasco Observer captures acoustic and oceanographic data in real time for scientific research or environmental monitoring. The observer is an underwater observatory combining superior acoustic data quality and multi-sensor data streaming. Custom configurable. 250 m and 2500 m depth ratings.

Instrument Measurements

  • Sound Pressure Level (Sound Pressure)
  • Presence (Animal Detection)
  • Vocalization (Animal Detection)
  • Vocalization (Animal Identification)

Measurement Specifications
Customizable, with nominal freq. response: 1 Hz to 150 kHz

Optional Sensors

No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Performance demonstrated as part of Ocean Networks Canada VENUS project.

User Experience

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