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Icom MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder

Manufacturer: Icom America
Measurement Category: Location, Ship Monitoring
Operating Environment: Above Water, Splash Zone, Dry Enclosed Space
Mounting: Mounting bracket with through holes
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 12 VDC (9.6 - 15.6 VDC); 1.5 A transmitting, 0.7 A receiving
External Input: Input for VHF antenna
Input for GPS


The MA-500TR is a Class B AIS transponder for Non-SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, work-boat and small vessels. The MA-500TR receives dual AIS channels (Ch. 87B and Ch. 88B) simultaneously and receives both Class A and Class B AIS information. Comes with MXG-5000S GPS receiver, a 12 channel parallel GPS receiver with SBAS function.

Instrument Measurements

  • Geodetic Position (Position)
  • Maritime Mobile Service Identity MMSI (Ship Identification)
  • Local Position less than 10km (Ship Tracking)
  • Regional Position 10km - 100km (Ship Tracking)
  • Trajectory (Ship Tracking)
  • Local Presence less than 10km (Ship Detection)
  • Regional Presence 10km - 100km (Ship Detection)

Optional Sensors

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