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Extech True RMS Power Analyzer Datalogger

Manufacturer: Extech
Measurement Category: Electric & Power
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space

Operating Mode: Stand Alone
Power Supply Type: Battery, VAC


The Extech Appliance Tester/Power Analyzer is a compact, battery operated device for analyzing AC power loads and provides full diagnostics on one AC channel. Can log to built in Datalogger or stream to PC.

Instrument Measurements

  • AC Power (Power)
  • AC Voltage (Voltage)
  • AC Current (Electric Current)
  • AC Power Factor (Power)
  • Frequency (Frequency)

Optional Sensors

No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

This is a representative example of Extech 3-Phase Power Analyzers. More versions are available on their website.

User Experience

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