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Cygnus DIVE Underwater Thickness Gauge

Manufacturer: Cygnus Instruments
Measurement Category: Condition Monitoring
Operating Environment: Underwater
Mounting: Hand held
Communication Protocol: Internal Logging, RS-485
Operating Mode: Free Streaming, Polled
Power Supply Type: Battery
Power Specification: 3.6 V Li-ion 8.2 W battery;
11 hours measurement/ charge


Cygnus DIVE is a handheld underwater ultrasonic thickness gauge for external monitoring structural corrosion. 300 M depth rate, data logging, with AMOLED display. Multiple probes available for different measurement ranges and materials.

Instrument Measurements

  • Corrosion (Structural Health)
  • Wall Thickness (Structural Health)

Measurement Specifications
Accuracy: +- 0.1 mm or 1% of thickness measurement
Range (probe dependent): 3 - 250 mm
Resolution (setting dependent) 0.1 mm - 0.01 mm

Optional Sensors

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