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Comar CSA 300 Class A AIS Transponder

Manufacturer: Comar Systems
Measurement Category: Location, Ship Monitoring
Operating Environment: Above Water, Splash Zone, Dry Enclosed Space
Mounting: Trunnion bracket
Communication Protocol: RS-232
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 12-24 VDC; 10W average; 4.75 max at 12 VDC
External Input: Input for VHF antenna
Input for GPS


The CSA-300 is a compact, state of the art Class A transponder. The transceiver and the high contrast monochrome display are both contained in a single robust enclosure. Connected to an external VHF antenna and its GPS antenna the CSA-300 transmits its own position and vessel data, as well as receiving information from other AIS transponders. Designed and IMO approved to meet the requirements of large commercial vessels it is equally suitable for smaller commercial, fishing and leisure craft.

Instrument Measurements

  • Geodetic Position (Position)
  • Maritime Mobile Service Identity MMSI (Ship Identification)
  • Local Position less than 10km (Ship Tracking)
  • Regional Position 10km - 100km (Ship Tracking)
  • Trajectory (Ship Tracking)
  • Local Presence less than 10km (Ship Detection)
  • Regional Presence 10km - 100km (Ship Detection)

Measurement Specifications
Two AIS receivers, one DSC channel 70
Freq. range: 156.025 MHz - 162.025 MHz
Channel Bandwidth 25 kHz

Optional Sensors

No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Also communicates over NMEA 0183

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