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Manufacturer: Teledyne CDL
Measurement Category: Location, Motion
Operating Environment: Underwater


The MiniPOS3 is a full Inertial Navigation System (INS) based on a ring laser gyro, providing highly accurate Heading, Pitch and Roll alongside multiple aiding options including USBL, LBL, DVL and GPS to provide a positioning solution. MiniPOS3 is hardware independent and can work with any USBL or LBL system and a variety of topside software packages. ITAR Restricitions apply.

Instrument Measurements

  • Heading (Orientation)
  • Roll and Pitch (Orientation)
  • 3-Axis Angular Position (Rotation)
  • 3-Axis Angular Rate (Rotation)
  • 3-Axis Velocity (Translation)
  • 3-Axis Position (Translation)
  • 3-Axis Acceleration (Translation)
  • Depth (Position)
  • Altitude (Position)
  • 3-Axis Angular Acceleration (Rotation)
  • 1-Axis Velocity (Translation)

Optional Sensors

No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

ITAR Restrictions apply.

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