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CDL Microtilt

Manufacturer: Teledyne CDL
Measurement Category: Motion, Location
Operating Environment: Underwater, Dry Enclosed Space


The CDL MicroTilt is a tiny, dynamic, pitch and roll sensor for use in a huge variety of applications. At matchbox size, the unit can provide highly dynamic pitch and roll readings at a frequency up to 50Hz, at an accuracy better than 0.5 degrees over the range of+/- 30 degrees. A range of oversampling settings allows the selection of output rates down to 1Hz, where the accuracy is better than 0.2 degrees. A surface version and two subsea versions (3,000m and 6,000m) are available. The unit can also be supplied as an OEM part for inclusion in your equipment.

Instrument Measurements

  • 2-Axis Angular Position (Rotation)
  • 2-Axis Angular Rate (Rotation)
  • Roll and Pitch (Orientation)

Optional Sensors

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