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AirMar GH2183 GPS & Heading

Measurement Category: Location, Motion
Operating Environment: Above Water, Splash Zone
Mounting: Bolt on; two versions

Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 9-40 VDC; <80 mA supply current; 1100 mW power


Airmar GH2183 combines GPS positioning and highly-accurate heading information in one compact antenna. It provides heading integrated with data from the three-axis rate gyro and three-axis accelerometer to assure that the H2183 maintains 2° of accuracy. The combined GPS antenna - WAAS /EGNOS enabled - with 10 Hz fix update rate outputs NMEA 0183 or 2000, with multiple mounting options. IPX6 waterproof housing.

Instrument Measurements

  • Heading (Orientation)
  • 3-Axis Angular Position (Rotation)
  • 3-Axis Acceleration (Translation)
  • 3-Axis Angular Acceleration (Rotation)

Measurement Specifications
Heading: +/- 360 deg, Heading Accuracy: 1 deg (static), 2 deg (dynamic) Heading Update Rate: 10 Hz (20 Hz for NEMA2000) Pitch/Roll: +/- 90 deg, Static Pitch and Roll Accuracy: <1 deg Dynamic Pitch and Roll Accuracy: <3 deg Pitch/Roll Update Rate: 2 Hz GPS Position Accuracy: 3m with WAAS satellites GPS Update Rate: Up to 10 Hz Cold Start Acquisition: 60 s

Optional Sensors

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Mounting options: 1.25" single threaded rail mount; 2x M5 bolts flush mount. Data outputs NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000.

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