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AML MicroX

Manufacturer: AML Oceanographic
Measurement Category: Oceanographic
Operating Environment: Underwater
Version(s): 1. Compatible with Sound Velocity or Conductivity;
2. Compatible with Temp, Pressure, and Turbility sensors.
Communication Protocol: RS-232, RS-485
Operating Mode: Polled, Stand Alone
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 8-26 VDC
External Input: Field-swappable sensor heads.


Micro-X is a real-time, single parameter instrument that allows you to field-swap the instrument's sensorload. Unlike other X-Series instruments, Micro-X is sensor specific, meaning that sensor type cannot be changed, except within a given sensor type.

Instrument Measurements

    Optional Sensors

    No optional sensors provided. Please add sensors.

    Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

    MicroX does not come with sensor heads. Sensors purchased separately.

    User Experience

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