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Data Download

The MHK Instrumentation & Sensor Database can be downloaded as a CSV file. Use the button below to download device data. Use the key below to understand what each column represents.


Data Column Key

NameName of the device
DeviceTypeSpecifies if the device is a sensor or instrument
AbstractA brief narrative description of the device. Consider including what it senses, how it communicates, and intended operating environment.
AbbreviationCommon abbreviations or acronyms used for the device
DeploymentThe deployment environment for the device (field or laboratory)
OperatingEnvironmentThe operating environment of the device
MeasurementTypeThe type of measurement(s) recorded by the device
MeasurementAttributeThe sub-type of measurement type(s) recorded by the device
MeasurementAttributeOptionalAn optional sub-type of measurement type(s) recorded by the device
MeasurementThe measurement(s) recorded by the device
MeasurementOptionalAn optional measurement(s) recorded by the device
MeasurementSpecificationKey specifications pertinent to this device.
SensorAny sensors or other devices used by the device
MountingHow the device is designed to be mounted. May include orientation or mounting hardware.
OperatingModeOperating mode details for this device
VersionAvailable versions of this device
CommProtocolThe communication protocol(s) used by the device
ExternalInputAny external inputs associated with the device
PowerSupplyTypeThe type of power supply used by the device
PowerSpecThe power specification of the device
OrganizationThe device manufacturer
WebsiteThe device website
SpecPageA link to the device's specification page
SoftwarePageA link to the device's software page
NotesAny additional features, accessories, or valuable information about the device not included in other sections.
ExperienceNotes from personal experience: strengths, weaknesses, ease of use, data quality, software interface, important lessons learned from troubleshooting, etc.
ImageLinkA link to the device's online image