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Lynntech is a research and technology development company with a twenty year history of successful innovation. We are a recognized leader in transitioning science and engineering into practical solutions. Innovations in energy, water, and health form the basis of our diverse patent portfolio.

In the Energy arena, Lynntech specializes in high performance Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers, as well as some work with advanced battery chemistries. Lynntech's Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers are among some of the lightest weight and most efficient in the world and have been used in applications such as: Aerospace (manned and unmanned), Submersible Vehicles (manned & unmanned), Airport Support Vehicles, etc.

More information can be obtained at the company website:

The company's products are also available at The available products range from the component level (i.e. standard or custom Membrane Electrode Assemblies) to stacks to complete systems including Hydrogen storage.