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The idea behind this project was conceived at the 2008 United Nations Conference of Parties (COP14) event in Poznan (Poland). By listening to many speeches by energy ministers from numerous countries in the high level segment of the event, Toddington Harper Managing Director of The Low Carbon Economy Ltd (TLCE) became aware of the depth of valuable information being made available and the advantages that could be gained by centralising it and making it freely available to anyone who could benefit from access to it.

The concept was put to Mr Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, who immediately recognised the benefits this opportunity could deliver, and the project developed from there. It was also put to Mr Steiner that as TLCE have a background in centralising and making available information for the Private Sector, by creating this additional resource of Public Sector information we would then have the foundations to assist with international collaboration and public-private partnerships.

By working with UNEP’s very helpful staff in Nairobi throughout 2009 TLCE and UNEP have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on the project, and what you currently see is the first phase of what is available.

The original idea continues to evolve as we develop the project. This is particularly driven by David Lockie TLCE’s Development Director. A significant development is the understanding that the more easily we can make the raw data available to others, the more we can help other people add value to the process we have initiated. As a result wherever possible we are making all data available in formats that can be simply used by others for various purposes, the most useful of which we will also be featuring on this site.


LowCarbonWorld is a platform for collaboration that provides open access to public data, facts and information related to a low carbon economy.

At this stage, the platform is a working, proof-of-concept. We're very excited about the potential of LowCarbonWorld and are currently seeking sponsorship for the project to enable us to develop it further.

We’ve built the platform for you. Please use it, talk about it, suggest datasets you’d like to see or ways we can improve it.


Primarily because no platform to connect global activities and accelerate the move towards low carbon economies already exists. Whilst there exist extensive datasets about everything from global emissions to national policies, very little of the data was available without visiting the website of a particular organisation.

It was clear that a great deal of value could be added to these data by:

Making them available in portable data formats such as XML, CSV and JSON Creating the basis for a information framework that can link datasets together along a number of different axes such as location, date, data source and topic Providing a central user interface to provide access to these data Who?

LowCarbonWorld was initiated by LowCarbonEconomy.com in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program in the spirit of open collaboration.

We present the platform for use and welcome both public and private organisations to contribute data. It’s a simple division of labour:

We provide the infrastructure and a proof of concept in terms of datasets, information framework and data manipulation/analysis tools You work with us to extend the range of datasets and to improve and extend the information framework and array of tools.


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