Low Carbon Society Vision 2050: India

From Open Energy Information

Case Study Overview

"This LCS scenario document is intended to communicate to the policy makers - how to effectively integrate climate change actions in the development plans of the coun-try. The actions outlined in the document, we believe, would guide effective transi-tion towards a Low Carbon India. The proposed analysis is in line with national po-sition articulated in India's "National Climate Change Action Plan". The LCS tran-sition analyzed in this report, converges with the 2 0 C global "aspirational" stabilization target, as agreed in "Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate".

Our research approach and findings, we hope, shall contribute in sustainable tran-sition of India, one of the world‟s fastest growing economy, to a Low Carbon Society."


  1.  "Low Carbon Society Vision 2050: India"