Low Carbon Society Toward 2050: Indonesia Energy Sector

From Open Energy Information

Case Study Overview

"This report presents the results of an academic research in developing option of roadmaps of energy sector toward low carbon society (LCS) of Indonesia in 2050, which is carried out as an extension activity of the Asia Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) Workshop 2009 “Designing Asian Scenarios Towards Low Carbon Society” held by NIES in August 2009 in Japan. The academic contributors of the roadmap development are Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia), IGES(Japan), Kyoto University (Japan), NIES (Japan), and Mizuho Information and Research Institute(Japan).

The objective of this research is to obtain future visions and scenarios for achieving the goals of LCS in Indonesia, particularly within the context of energy sector. The energy sector covers supply side and demand side (industry, transportation, residential, and commercial sectors). The report provides an overview of scenarios of visions of Indonesian LCS in energy sector and related actions needed to achieve the LCS visions. The scenario of visions includes socio-economic development paths and the associated emissions. The discussion of actions to achieve LCS visions covers technology and policy options."


  1.  "Low Carbon Society Toward 2050: Indonesia Energy Sector"