Low Carbon Research Institute

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Low Carbon Research Institute is an organization based in Cardiff, United Kingdom.


"This group of partners is not considered exclusive and actively seeks to extend its membership through collaborative research programmes with other high quality research groups.

Over £5.1 million has been received from the Higher Education Funding Council For Wales (HEFCW) under the Reconfiguration and Collaboration Fund to develop the LCRI for 5 years from April 2008.

This funding is to establish a multi-centre, multi-disciplinary research collaboration which is:

  • recognised internationally as an research institute promoting excellence in research and contributing to the future direction of energy research and strategic thinking, recognised by, and interacts with, other international centres of excellence, a regional partner to UK government energy research initiatives such as the UK Energy Research Centre.
  • Provide independent authoritative advice to the Government in respect of its energy policy and related issues.
  • Encourage and guide interdisciplinary collaborative research, development and technology transfer via integrated programmes of work.
  • Contribute to the national and international economy through the application of low carbon research in industry, government, and at an individual level.
  • Develop partnerships among University researchers and end users in industry and government.
  • Develop capacity and facilities around the existing areas of low carbon and energy expertise in Wales whilst expanding research activities into other energy related areas."


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