Low Carbon Growth Plans: A Sectoral Approach to Climate Protection

From Open Energy Information


"To move to a low-carbon future—limiting CO2 levels to 450 parts per million and global temperature increases to 2°C above preindustrial levels—the world must do two things:

  1. Pursue low-carbon growth plans in all the major economies and lock in as much carbon abatement as possible through domestic action.
  2. Pursue a handful of politically viable, high-impact international initiatives.

These strategies, well executed, can produce the momentum needed to hammer out a carbon agreement. But without both steps, it is tough to see how to break the deadlock observed in Copenhagen.

Low-carbon growth plans, or green growth plans, integrate a country’s potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with its plans for economic growth. The plans are based on in-depth, technical analysis of each nation’s socioeconomic and development priorities. They quantify the CO2 abatement potential in each sector, rank the mitigation options by cost, and consider which changes are politically feasible."


  1.  "Low Carbon Growth Plans"