Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific

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"Developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region have experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, taking advantage of the opportunities brought about by globalization and an export-led growth model. High economic growth rates have helped lift millions out of poverty and achieve significant development gains. The high growth rates that the region is proud of, however, can only be sustained if resource constraints and climate change are adequately addressed.

To do so, the region has to embrace a new growth strategy that can turn the trade-off between economic development and environmental protection into a win-win synergy in which “going green” drives economic growth.

The concept of green growth emerged in the Asia-Pacific region to turn resource constraints and the climate crisis into an economic opportunity that generates a double dividend (higher growth with lower environmental impact) by improving the efficiency of resource use and increasing investments in natural capital to drive economic growth.

Realizing the promise of green growth will require a bold and ambitious transformation of the economic system. The “visible structure” of the economy, comprising such physical infrastructure as transport, buildings and energy systems, together with the “invisible structure”, which encompasses market prices, governance, regulations and lifestyles, have to be re-oriented to resource efficiency. This Roadmap explains how to begin such a transformation."1

"Socio-economic circumstances and political priorities differ from country to country and so should green growth strategies. There are, however, some pivotal areas of policy intervention, or “tracks” on which to drive the system change for low carbon green growth. [The] Roadmap presents the following five tracks as the key action areas to introduce the system change necessary for low carbon green growth:

  1. Improving quality of growth and maximizing net growth
  2. Changing the invisible structure of the economy: Closing the gap between economic and ecological efficiencies
  3. Changing the visible structure of the economy: Planning and designing eco-efficient infrastructure
  4. Turning green into a business opportunity
  5. Formulating and implementing lowcarbon development strategies"2

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