Low Carbon Green Growth: Integrated Policy Approach to Climate Change for Asia-Pacific Developing Countries

From Open Energy Information

Tool Overview

"The objective of this module is to introduce participants to the significance of resource scarcity and climate change and how adopting Low Carbon Green Growth can provide win-win solutions for fostering inclusive sustainable development while mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Countries within Asia and the Pacific, particularly South-East Asia, are already witnessing the negative effects of climate change through increased temperatures and frequency and intensity of climatic events (e.g. tropical cyclones, floods and droughts). These effects are a direct result of, historically, very carbon and resource-intensive patterns of development. It is estimated that these and other impacts from climate change will likely intensify– both in the near and late future–compounding the already pressing problems of resource scarcity. Within this region, particularly in developing countries, vulnerable individuals such as women and the poor will bear a disproportionately greater share of the burden and have the lowest capacity to adapt. Failing to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation considerations into development policy has the potential to undermine future economic growth, the continued improvement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) beyond 2015 and the basic livelihoods of the poor. It is therefore essential that Asia-Pacific policy makers adopt immediate measures to transfer to a low-carbon development trajectory. Green Growth offers a roadmap to such a path: synergizing climate action with development goals."


  1.  "South-Eastern Asia-Low Carbon Growth"