Low-Carbon Technology Cooperation in the Climate Regime

From Open Energy Information


"Low-carbon technology cooperation for climate change is needed to address the challenge of scaling up development and transfer of low-carbon technology, with the ultimate aim to reduce emissions globally. This was recognised by the Copenhagen Accord of 2009, which defines a Technology Mechanism. This report reviews the technology proposals discussed in 2009 in the climate negotiations and provides costing estimates for those proposals. The aim is to make recommendations on how the technology mechanisms can be brought together in a coherent technology framework that provides reciprocity, technology coverage, enabling environments and the finance required, according to the latest insights from the technology innovation and transfer literature. It is concluded that part of the fast-track financing agreed in the Copenhagen Accord could be deployed to experiment with and gain evidence for effective international and national technology mechanisms. Jointly, they could form a Copenhagen Accord’s Technology Mechanism that is effective to advance low-carbon technologies in developing and developed countries alike."


  1.  "Low-Carbon Technology Cooperation in the Climate Regime"