Low-Carbon Growth Plans: Advancing Good Practice

From Open Energy Information


"The first generation of these Low Carbon Growth Plans (LCGPs) have shown that many developing, as well as developed countries, are willing and able to commit to ambitious actions on climate compatible growth, based on their own national development priorities and as a contribution to meeting our collective global climate change challenge. Key success factors in developing plans to date have been:

  • Senior leadership from within the government.
  • A strong basis of data and scientific and economic analysis based on a robust, credible assessment of abatement potential and costs.
  • Stakeholder engagement to enable data collection and cross sector support.
  • Ongoing iteration building consensus around priority sectors in the country.

LCGPs should be seen primarily as policy instruments which support state governments and institutions in sovereign decision-making. However they can also support global goals by providing national strategic context to the abatement and adaptation efforts for which countries receive international recognition."


  1.  "Low-Carbon Growth Plans: Advancing Good Practice"