LiDAR At Twenty-Nine Palms Area (Page, Et Al., 2010)

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Exploration Activity: LiDAR At Twenty-Nine Palms Area (Page, Et Al., 2010)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Twenty-Nine Palms Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique LiDAR
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Primary LiDAR application to this project was Airborne Laser Swath Mapping (ALSM). This particular application was used to gather data over a specific land area then used to create a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with a resolution of approximately 1m in the horizontal direction and 10cm in the vertical direction. The LiDAR data gathered for MCAGCC was analyzed in conjunction with other data, such as aerial photography and field reconnaissance, with assistance from Fugro William Lettis & Associates (FWLA), Inc. "Both the temperature-gradient drilling and the fault-structure analyses with the use of LiDAR mapping have proven to be extremely useful in assisting the GPO to define targets for intermediate to deep drilling in mid-to late 2010."


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