Lester Meadow, Washington- A Geothermal Anomaly

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Conference Paper: Lester Meadow, Washington- A Geothermal Anomaly


Exploration of the Lester Hot Springs for geothermal potential found that a natural meadow adjacent to the hot springs represents a geothermal anomaly. This conclusion is supported by an anomaly in a thermal infrared survey, high levels of fluorine and boron from a soil survey, and the lack forest cover in the Lester meadow. These vegetation anomalies may be more common in the Cascade Mountains than realized and may be a useful indicator of the extent of geothermal activity at a location. Burlington Northern (BN) started conducting geothermal exploration in 1974 once the United States Government established a program for leasing geothermal resources on Federal lands. Their objective was to do the initial stages of exploration and bring a prospect up to the point where they could lease it to another company that would make the major expenditures needed

to drill the exploration wells and build the power plant. The initial stages of their exploration program looked for areas where the company had large blocks of fee and/or mineral rights and had some type of indicators (e.g., hot springs). The Lester area was one of the first prospects investigated by BN for geothermal potential because of their extensive land ownership in the immediate area and because Chevron Oil company had filed for non-competitive geothermal leases on Federal Land in the vicinity of the hot springs (Vice, 1974). After preliminary reconnaissance and geochemical sampling, a thermal infrared (TIR) survey was conducted over the prospect. The TIR survey showed an anomaly in a meadow adjacent to the Lester Hot Springs and subsequent work showed that the meadow represented a surface manifestation of geothermal activity. Even though the Lester Hot Springs have been described by Korosec and Schuster (1980), only a brief reference was made about the meadow in their paper. This paper describes the investigation of the Lester meadow and makes more accessible previous work by Vice and Crowley (1979).

Daniel H. Vice

GRC, 2008

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Daniel H. Vice. 2008. Lester Meadow, Washington- A Geothermal Anomaly. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)

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