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  • Lei Hongpeng (雷红鹏)*

Senior Programme Officer, Climate and Energy (气候与能源高级项目官员) [WWF China] (世界自然基金会(瑞士)北京代表处)

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'Low Carbon City Initiative-WWF's Concept and Practices'

As our speaker Zhou Xizhou pointed out last week, in the coming decades China will see the equivalent to the entire population of the United States moving into its cities. Though China's urbanization is often thought of as a major contributor to GHG emissions, some cities are plotting a different course, trying to be part of the climate solution rather than problem. Join Lei Hongpeng of WWF to discuss the city of Baoding (just 140 km south from Beijing in Hebei province) and its plans to become a low-carbon city. Baoding was recently identified by the [[National Development and Reform Commission]] as one of China's eight national pilot low-carbon cities."

'About the Speaker'

Mr. Lei Hongpeng has been a leader of WWF China’s [[Low Carbon City Initiative]] for more than three years since he joined WWF in January 2007. The Initiative aims to explore low carbon development models in pilot cities and disseminate successful experiences to other cities in China, and it has played an active role in driving China’s low carbon urban development.

He also works on climate and energy policies in China, and participated in developing *China’s Energy and Carbon Emission Scenarios 2050*, *China’s Solar PV Report 2007,* *China’s Wind Power Report 2008, The Methodology to Evaluate Low Carbon Cities, *and* The True Cost of Coal*, etc.

Before joining WWF, he worked on building energy efficiency with Chinese government, and has extensive experience in implementing building energy efficiency codes in China. He was a project manager of several international projects funded by GEF, UNDP and the World Bank.

WWF's Low Carbon City Initiative: http://www.wwfchina.org/english/sub_loca.php?loca=1&sub=96

2008 WWF report on Baoding: http://assets.wwf.no/downloads/baoding_intro_report_final_2008.pdf

NDRC announcement on national pilot low-carbon province/city scheme (in Chinese): http://www.sdpc.gov.cn/zcfb/zcfbtz/2010tz/t20100810_365264.htm