LIPA - Rate 180 - Residential, General Use

From Open Energy Information

Rate 180 is designated for customers who use electricity for general use (i.e., lights and appliances), excluding water and space heating.

Delivery & System Charges June 1 Through September 30 October 1 Through May 31

Service Charge (Per Day): $0.1790 $0.1790

Energy Charge (Per kWh)

        First 250 kWh                         $0.0857                                     $0.0857
        Excess 250 kWh                        $0.0975                                     $0.0787

Minimum Charge: Is the Service Charge per meter, per month plus adjustments to rates and charges (Number of Days in a billing cycle x $0.1790).

As of July 10 of 2011, the average cost of electric energy including all charges is $0.21/kWh.