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LEDS Expert Assistance on Finance


The following are biographies of some of our LEDS finance experts. Additional biographies will be posted shortly.

Douglas Jay Arent, Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Doug Arent is Executive Director of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). He specializes in strategic planning and financial analysis; clean energy technologies and the interface of energy, water, food, climate and development, and international and governmental policies. Arent is Sr. Visiting Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Coordinating Lead Author for the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and serves on numerous boards and Advisory Councils. Dr. Arent has a Ph.D. from Princeton University, an MBA from Regis University, and a bachelor’s of science from Harvey Mudd College in California.

Ricardo Bracho, U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory

At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Ricardo Bracho supports various domestic and international programs analyzing economic, financial and technical attributes of renewable energy projects, analyzing current risks andbarriers and providing solutions for increased private participation in renewable energy projects, and designing clean energy financing mechanisms and structures. Before joining NREL, Mr. Bracho enjoyed a successful investment banking career including: leveraged buyout investments, infrastructure project financing, equity and debt securitization, and later as portfolio manager of two large international investment funds. Mr. Bracho holds a Master of Science degree in Global Energy Management from the University of Colorado, an MBA in finance from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelors degree in accounting from Universidad La Salle in Mexico.

Ari Huhtala, Climate & Development Knowledge Network

An economist from Finland, Ari has spent most of his life in development work, first in the field of industrial development and technology/investment promotion and then specializing in environmental financing issues. His experience includes UNDP in Hanoi and Dhaka, UNIDO headquarters in Vienna and Representative in Bangkok, manager for cleaner production financing at UNEP Paris, environmental advisor to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Team Leader for a KfW environmental credit line in Indonesia. More recently, he has worked at the Environment Department of the World Bank in Washington DC, leading a cluster on climate finance acting as well as preparing for Rio+20. In May 2012, he joined the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) as Director of Policy and Programmes. Ari leads the LEDS GP Finance Working Group.

David de Jager.jpg
David de Jager, Ecofys

David de Jager (MSc Physics, Utrecht University, 1982-1988) has extensive experience in the area of renewable energy (RE) deployment. He was involved in several studies on renewable energy technology development, financing and deployment. In recent years he concentrated on the interaction of policy instrument design and (costs of) financing, including work for the European Commission. Currently he has the following main assignments: as Managing Consultant Renewable Energy at Ecofys, and as Operating Agent for the IEA Implementing Agreement on Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (www.iea-retd.org). IEA-RETD aims to increase the deployment of renewable energy, through international cooperation encouraging more effective, efficient and rapid deployment of RE. Financing is one of the topics that David de Jager and his team are currently addressing in this context.

Frauke Roeser picture.jpg
Frauke Roeser, Ecofys

Frauke Röser is a Senior Consultant within the International Climate Policy Unit of Ecofys with ten years of international experience in climate change and energy policy. She worked for several years in the UK and Argentina on a range of projects related to climate change policy, renewable energies, energy efficiency and the wider sustainable development agenda. Most recently Frauke worked as Climate Change Policy Advisor for the Argentinean government before joining Ecofys Germany in March 2011. At Ecofys her work focuses especially on mitigation in developing countries (NAMAs and LCD) including climate finance from a country as well as donor perspective. Frauke has experience of working in many countries around the world with particular focus in Latin America. She holds a M.A. in Literature and Political Sciences from the Justus Liebig University Giessen and a M.Sc. in Environmental Strategy from the University of Surrey, UK.

Gideon Van Toledo.jpg
Gideon van Toledo, Ecofys

Gideon van Toledo is a senior energy investment strategy expert and very knowledgeable in developing financial solutions for governments, firms and institutions. He has hands-on working experience in the development of innovative energy projects on a local level (Rotterdam district heating, pre feasibility studies solar and land fill gas Jordan) and other infrastructure projects (Port of Lisboa, Port Said East Port – Egypt, Kisarawe Freight Station Tanzania), the design of innovative financial instruments (Investment options, Province of Gelderland), as well as carrying out analysis and recommendations on the enabling environment for private investments in infrastructure (various PPP studies in e.g. Albania, Jordan, Yemen). Gideon has been working for the following clients and employers: World Bank, IFC, European Commission, EBRD, Dutch governments, private sector; Various regions: Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana), MENA (Jordan, Yemen, Egypt), East-ern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria), Russia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Belgium and The Nether-lands.