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LEDS Expert Assistance on Finance


LEDS Expert Assistance on Finance is available to countries developing and implementing LEDS. It provides virtual consultation and advice on financing strategies, policies, or programs in support of low emission development strategies. LEDS Expert Assistance on Finance can connect country teams with an extensive network of financing professionals to provide quick-response advice and assistance with financing measures and to link country teams with existing international programs for more in-depth assistance.

The LEDS Expert Assistance on Finance service is one task of the Finance Working Group under the LEDS Global Partnership, an organization that brings together nearly 100 countries and international institutions supporting collaboration and peer learning on low emission development strategies. For more information on other LEDS Global Partnership working groups, see the list of LEDS Working Groups.

Development and operation of this site is supported by the Enhancing Capacity LEDS (EC LEDS) program of the U.S. State Department and the United States Agency for International Development and is facilitated in part by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Our partners provide support to this program via in-kind contributions in the form of technical assistance and guidance on the program’s design and implementation.

Other tasks under the LEDS Global Partnership Finance Working Group are:

Inventory of Existing Finance Resources and Assistance Mechanisms
The working group will compile an inventory of information on currently available climate funding, financing, and related technical assistance programs, and key organizations and initiatives.

Capacity Building for Climate Financing Readiness
Under this activity, participating organizations will partner with existing capacity building programs to enhance delivery of training and peer learning on finance readiness based on priorities defined by the LEDS GP regional platforms. This work builds on an existing United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project and will use existing UNDP technical resources - and resources from others - to build the capacity of LEDS country teams to access climate finance.

Virtual Web Trainings
A team from NREL and the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis and other working group partners will conduct a series of Web-based training and peer-learning forums on public and private financing and investment mechanisms and their nexus with government policies on priority topics defined in consultation with countries and the regional platforms. Web trainings will leverage in-country trainings and consultations, such as those underway with Mexico and Indonesia. The trainings will be recorded and hosted on OpenEI, an online knowledge sharing community, and will be open to participants from around the world.

National Financing Strategies and Platforms
In partnership with the regional platforms, the working group is exploring opportunities to develop case studies to advance the design and implementation of national financing strategies with one or two governments. Such case studies could be structured to provide a best practice approach for analyzing and selecting policies and various financing alternatives in LEDS GP member countries. Results of the case studies would provide valuable lessons for engaging various public and private institutions in designing effective financing support policies and instruments that reduce costs, minimize risks, and improve results.

For information about these tasks or to participate in the LEDS Finance Working Group, please contact:

Bethany Speer
LEDS Global Partnership Secretariat
National Renewable Energy Laboratory