LEDS Collaboration in Action Workshop Presentations

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Presentation and Related Documents

Documents Title
Welcome.pdf Welcome to the LEDS Collaboration in Action Workshop
Round1.pdf ROUND 1 - Strategy Development: the case for LEDS at the country level
Round2.pdf ROUND 2 - Analytics and Tools: developing national level LEDS inventories and scenarios
Round3.pdf ROUND 3 - Governance and Participatory Process: LEDS development process and galvanizing successful cross-ministerial buy-in
Round4.pdf ROUND 4 - Financial Mechanisms: catalyzing public and private sector investments
CLCDS Flow Chart.pdf Colombian Low Carbon Development Flow Chart
CLCDS.pdf Colombian Low Carbon Development Strategy
CCFR.pdf Climate Finance Readiness - Colombia
MAPS AnalyticalTools.pdf Analytical Tools: South Africa and MAPS Experiences
FinanceReadiness.pdf Climate Finance Readiness Framework
LEDSInventory.pdf Key Trends in LEDS Support Globally
LEDSTools.pdf Tools to Support Preparation of LEDS
EthiopiaLEDS.pdf Ethiopia's Low Emission Development Initiative
CTI.pdf Experience of CTI PFAN in Leveraging Private Sector Finance for LEDS
TNA.pdf From TNAs to NAMAs - Linking technology and mitigation frameworks
MAPSChile.pdf Galvanizing Successful Inter-ministerial Buy-in for a LEDS
Vividecon.pdf Experience Developing a National Climate Finance Mechanism for Kenya
Jiqweb.pdf Tools to Support Preparation of Low Emissions Development Strategies
Cdknleds.pdf Governance and Participatory Processes
Esmapleds.pdf Low Carbon Development Planning Tools at ESMAP
Usaidmexico.pdf Towards LEDS: Mexico's Experience to Date
Ecnleds.pdf Climate Compatible Development in Ghana and Reflections on LEDS Development
Decc.pdf UK Low Carbon Development Planning
Ledssummary.pdf Draft Summary of LEDS Global Partnership Collaboration in Action Workshop