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Webinar: 12 May, 14 May, or 16 May 2014


Climate Change Mitigation and the Waste Management Sector

You may access the recording of this webinar by clicking HERE


This webinar was focused on the role of the waste management sector and its available technologies in climate change mitigation, considering in detail the options to address climate change in the sector and the potential contribution to mitigation actions. This webinar session will feature the following distinguished panelists:

  • Host: Luciano Caratori — Fundación Torcuato Di Tella


  • Dr. Atilio Savino — ARS/ ISWA
  • Lic. Hernán Carlino — Fundación Torcuato Di Tella

Climate Change Mitigation and the Waste Management Sector is the first in a series of webinars on the subject which will be broadcasted this year (the schedule for the series will be announced shortly).

About LEDS Global Partnership

The Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) GP was founded in 2011 to enhance coordination, information exchange, and cooperation among countries and international programs working to advance low emission climate-resilient growth. The LEDS GP currently brings together LEDS leaders and practitioners from more than 120 countries and international institutions through innovative peer learning and collaboration forums and networks. For the full list of participants and more information on partnership activities, see http://ledsgp.org.

About the LEDS GP Waste Management Working Group

The Waste Management Working Group (WMWG) was launched during the LEDS GP Collaboration in Action workshop that took place in London in March 2012. The WMWG builds on and complements ongoing initiatives and networks supporting low emissions development in the waste sector and plans to facilitate information exchange and collaboration on low emission development activities focused on the waste sector. The WMWG seeks to assist developing countries in successfully designing and implementing low emissions climate-resilient waste management strategies under the LEDS GP, its regional platforms, and working groups.

In order to be up to date on the working group's activities, you can join the WMWG by visiting:en.openei.org/apps/LEDSGP/join.html.

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