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LEDS-Related Toolkits

DIA Toolkit

This Development Impacts Assessment Toolkit helps country, regional, and local policymakers find tools and resources to assess the impacts of and links between national development priorities and low emission development strategies (LEDS). This toolkit equips decision makers with information to explore policy options and build consensus with stakeholders to achieve low-emission development that supports national development objectives.

Transport LEDS Toolkit

The Transport LEDS Toolkit provides national, regional, and local decision-makers and technical experts the tools to plan and implement low-emissions development strategies (LEDS) for transportation systems.

LEDS Toolkit and LEDS Gateway on OpenEI

The Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) Toolkit provides information on available data sets, studies, tools, and other technical resources that can be used to to support the LEDS process. The Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Gateway supports the creation and implementation of country-driven, analytically rigorous LEDS.