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LEDS GP Publications and Communications Material

Communications Material

Document Title Date
LEDSGP Slides inTemplate Final 11-13-13.pdf LEDS GP Slide Deck November 2013
LEDSGPFactsheet.pdf LEDS GP Factsheet November 2013


Document Title Date
LEDS GP Case Study, Lima .pdf LEDS GP CASE STUDY: Financing Energy Transformation at the Sub-National Level in Peru January 2015
LEDSGP SNI Resource Guide.pdf Integrating National and Subnational Climate Action: Resource Guide December 2014
LEDS GP Perf Eval Summary1.pdf Findings and Recommendations from Performance Evaluation of the LEDS Global Partnership August 2014
LEDSGP SNI CaseStudy.pdf LEDS GP CASE STUDY: The Subnational Integration of the Viet Nam Green Growth Strategy (VGGS) July 2014
LEDSGP SNI Paper Bonn 2014.pdf What National Governments Can Do To Accelerate Subnational Action on Climate June 2014
Linkages-LEDS-NAMAs-MRV.pdf Linkages between NAMA – LEDS – MRV June 2014
GGBP-Synthesis-of-Key-Findings.pdf Green Growth Best Practice Synthesis of Key Findings March 2014
NationalFinancingPathways.pdf Financing Pathways for Low Emissions and Climate Resilient Development October 2013
GGBPInitialFindings.pdf Best practices on green growth policies, financing strategies and public private collaboration: initial findings October 2013
NetworksPaper.pdf Low Emission Development Strategies: The Role of Networks and Knowledge Platforms September 2013
MACCCurvesPaper.pdf Broadening the Appeal of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves: Capturing Both Carbon Mitigation and Development Benefits of Clean Energy Technologies May 2012