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Title Document
LEDS GP Overview
LEDS Global Partnership LEDSGPslides.pdf
LEDS Planning Processes
Facilitating a LEDS Process and Supporting Stakeholder Engagement
MAPS Facilitator Training MAPSTraining.pdf
Case Study - Dominican Republic DR.pdf
Case Study - Vietnam Vietnam.pdf
National and Subnational LEDS I
National and Subnational Integration Experiences File:NSppt.pdf
Case Study - Brazil Brazilppt.pdf
Case Study - Philippines PHppt.pdf
National and Subnational LEDS II
LEDS National and Subnational Integration - ICLEI ICLEIppt.pdf
LEDS National and Subnational Integration - Ecofys Ecofysppt.pdf
Case Study - Nepal Nepal.pdf
Integrating LEDS with Climate Resilient Development
Challenges and Opportunities for Climate Compatible Development CDKNppt.pdf
Case Study - Ethiopia Ethiopiappt.pdf
Case Study - Jamaica File:Jamaicappt.pdf
LEDS Analysis Methods and Tools
Green Growth Strategies and Best Practices
Green Growth Best Practices Initiative GGGIppt.pdf
Economic and Social Benefits of Low Carbon Green Growth File:UNescap.pdf
Case Study - Cote D'Ivoire CoteDIvoireppt.pdf
Tools and Data to Support LEDS
Open data to support LEDS planning Openlinkppt.pdf
Case Study - Mexico Mexicoppt.pdf
Assessing and Communicating Development Impacts of LEDS
Overview of Benefits Assessment Tools and Approaches File:LEADppt.pdf
Case Study - Kenya KenyaECN.pdf
Case Study - Colombia File:Colombiappt.pdf
Case Study - Indonesia IndonesiaCostAnalysisppt.pdf
GHG Emission Inventories and Reporting
Overview of GHG inventory methods and tools Tobyppt.pdf
Standards for measuring GHG impacts of policies, actions, and goals File:Sid2.pdf
Case Study - Peru Peruppt.pdf
Case Study - Thailand File:Thailandppt.pdf
Sectoral Programs
Land Use: Measures and Resources
Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests Program LEAFppt.pdf
Case Study - Costa Rica File:CRppt.pdf
Waste: LEDS Measures and Resources
LEDS GP Waste Management Working Group WMppt.pdf
Caste Study - Ghana Ghanappt.pdf
LEDS GP Energy Working Group File:Energyppt.pdf
Case Study - India Indiappt.pdf
Green Power Market Development File:GreenMarketppt.pdf
Case Study - Ghana GhanaEnergyppt.pdf
LEDS GP Transport Resources and Services Transportppt.pdf
Case Study - Colombia ColombiaTransportppt.pdf
Case Study - Philippines PhilippinesTransportppt.pdf
Case Study - Costa Rica File:CostaRicaTransportppt.pdf
Finance for LEDS Action
Engaging Ministries of Finance and Planning in LEDS
Case Study - Chile Chileppt.pdf
Case Study - Brazil Brazil2ppt.pdf
Case Study - Indonesia Indonesiappt.pdf
Innovation in Catalyzing Private Investment
Public-private partnerships PPppt.pdf
Case Study - South Africa SAppt.pdf
Case Study - Bangladesh Bppt.pdf
LEDS Finance Services and Assistance
LEDS GP Finance Services Financeppt.pdf
Supporting Green LECRDS and Climate Finance Readiness UNDPppt.pdf
Case Study - Mexico MexicoFinanceppt.pdf
'Innovations in Catalyzing Private Investment II"
Fast out of the Gate Initiative File:Nexantppt.pdf
Experiences and efforts to encourage private sector participation Jicappt.pdf
Case Study - Costa Rica CostaRicaFinanceppt.pdf