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LEAF: Expert Assistance on LEDS Finance

Do you need support in developing your finance, investment, or funding strategy for a low emission project? The partnership’s LEDS Expert Assistance on Finance (LEAF) program is an advisory network that can connect with you an extensive, virtual network of LEDS finance professionals at no cost. LEAF can connect country teams with an extensive network of financing professionals to provide quick-response advice and assistance with financing measures and to link country teams with existing international programs for more in-depth assistance.

Who is Eligible for Assistance?

The LEAF service is available to government agencies preparing and implementing LEDS and to technical institutes supporting these agencies.

What Types of Assistance are Available?

Inquiries should be related to development of LEDS financing strategies and programs. The team will, at no cost, consult via phone and email to:

  • Review your draft financing strategies
  • Compile information on financing, investment, and funding options
  • Advise on policies and measures for mobilizing investment
  • Provide information to help match your project to finance, investment and funding sources
  • Identify opportunities and sources for LEDS finance capacity building.

Who Provides Assistance?

Our network of financial advisors includes experts from:

  • Climate Development Knowledge Network
  • Climate Technology Initiative - Private Financing Advisory Network
  • E3G - Third Generation Environmentalism
  • Ecofys
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • LEAD Program (Nexant)
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • LEDS Global Partnership member organizations.

How Do I Submit a Request?

Click here to submit a request. Once we receive your request, a moderator will initiate a conversation with you within two business days, and an expert will contact you shortly thereafter.

LEAF Partners
The expert finance team collaborates closely with the CDKN Climate Finance Advisory Service and the Clean Energy Solutions Center Ask an Expert program. Development and operation of the service is also supported by the Enhancing Capacity LEDS (EC LEDS) program of the U.S. State Department and the United States Agency for International Development, and it is facilitated in part by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Our partners support this program via in-kind contributions in the form of technical assistance and guidance on the program’s design and implementation.