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Remote Expert Assistance on Low Emission Development Strategies

Through its Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL) service, the LEDS Global Partnership connects country teams to an extensive network of low emission development strategy (LEDS) professionals to provide virtual consultation and advice. These LEDS professionals then quickly respond to the countries’ questions about LEDS analysis, energy, finance, transportation, and waste.

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Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS Pamphlet

Types of Assistance

The REAL service provides the following assistance for developing countries:

  • Reviewing draft strategies
  • Analyzing optional measures or analytical approaches
  • Compiling data and information
  • Sharing approaches that other countries have conducted
  • Facilitating networking links with peers
  • Advising on and providing links to other programs for more in-depth assistance

Our experts provide these services via phone and/or email at no cost.

LEDS Global Partnership expert teams can also provide assistance on the following topics:

  • Methods and tools for assessing LEDS baselines and goals; technology and policy options and pathways; and impacts
  • Strategies and measures for mobilizing private and public investment in LEDS priorities
  • Policies and programs for implementing climate-resilient low emission energy, waste, and transport measures

Eligibility for Assistance

The REAL service supports requests from developing country government agencies or initiatives—as well as their consultants, technical institutions, and nongovernment organizations—working on LEDS plans and implementation.

Before requesting assistance, a country must join the LEDS Global Partnership. Then the country may submit multiple, successive requests, including follow-on inquiries.

Request Assistance

If you have met the eligibility requirements and your country has joined the LEDS Global Partnership, you may request assistance.

Organizational Support

The U.S. State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development support the development and operation of the LEDS Global Partnership's REAL service, which is facilitated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Our partners support this program via in-kind contributions in the form of technical assistance and guidance on the program's design and implementation.

The REAL service coordinates clean energy policy assistance with the Clean Energy Solutions Center, in-depth climate technology assistance with the Climate Technology Centre, and climate finance negotiation assistance with the Climate & Development Knowledge Network.

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More Information

For more information about our REAL service, please contact:

Bethany Speer
LEDS Global Partnership Secretariat
National Renewable Energy Laboratory