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A Few Featured Partners and LEDS-Related Web Portals

  • Clean Energy Solutions Center—a platform of shared clean energy policy best practices, data, and analysis tools across countries, as well as a source of no-cost technical assistance
  • ClimateTechWiki—a platform for a wide range of stakeholders in developed and developing countries who are involved in technology transfer and the wider context of low emission and low vulnerability development
  • IEA Policies and Measures Databases—databases that offer access to information on energy-related policies and measures taken or planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and support renewable energy development and deployment
  • Global Environment Facility (GEF) Knowledge Management Initiative—knowledge management platforms that support countries in safeguarding the global environment calls for the development of cutting-edge, innovative and experimental programs and projects, making it fundamental that processes and results are continuously tracked and analyzed.
  • REN21 Renewables Interactive Map—an interactive tool that guides users through relevant and ratified renewable energy information so that they can gather and share information on economic development and policy frameworks in the field of renewable energy
  • Reegle Portal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency—a portal that targets stakeholders including governments, project developers, businesses, financiers, NGOs, academia, international organizations and civil society, and which provides country energy profiles, energy statistics, a directory of stakeholders. among other tools