LEDSGP/Membership Types

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Types of Memberships

In addition to collaborative engagement with all LEDS GP member institutions, the LEDS GP has two forms of partnerships with international networks and initiatives. Typically, these international networks and initiatives are similar in design to the LEDS GP, with multiple sponsors, a steering or advisory committee, and membership across many organizations. Two forms of partnership are available:

  • Affiliated Programs have missions and core activities closely aligned with those of the LEDS GP. By joining as an Affiliated Program, you are agreeing to work with LEDS GP to link implementation of key activities, develop a shared work program for joint activities*, and assist each other in securing ongoing support.
  • Collaborating Networks share some common interests with the LEDS GP, but have an overall mission and scope that is not fully aligned with the LESD GP. By joining as a Collaborating Network, you are agreeing to share information and coordinate selected activities with LEDS GP efforts.

In both cases, when international networks become members of the LEDS GP through these partnership agreements, the LEDS GP also becomes a member of these programs and networks as members, where appropriate. To become an affiliated program or collaborating network of the LEDS GP, please contact Caroline.Uriarte@nrel.gov.