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Abriendo camino para un Desarrollo Bajo en Emisiones en el mundo

General Information


LEDS LAC seeks to promote low emission, climate resilient development in Latin America and the Caribbean through the exchange of experiences, lessons learned and best practices, and by providing enhanced opportunities for coordination and collaboration on the development and implementation of LEDS.

Membership is open to organizations, individuals and governments working to promote LEDS within Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information about LEDS LAC, please visit http://ledsgp.org/LEDSLAC.

LEDS LAC is one of three regional platforms of LEDS GP. For more information about LEDS GP, please visit: http://ledsgp.org

It is easy to join the LEDS LAC Platform. Membership is voluntary, cost-free, and unlimited in duration.

We encourage both individual membership to join the community of LEDS practitioners and organizational membership to share information on and foster collaboration with activities of your organization.

To become member and join multiple other organizations and individuals already engaged in the Platform, you must first review the operating principles and indicate your acceptance of these principles.