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LEDS Global Partnership Annual Event 2015

The event will take place at the Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from 14-16 October, 2015. For more information, please contact Jebi Rahman at mailto:jebi.rahman@cdkn.org.

Participant Packet

Click on the thumbnail (right) to download a copy of the Annual Event Participant Package.

LEDS GP Annual Event 2015 Participant Packet.pdf
LEDS GP Annual Event 2015 Participant Packet

Airport transfer in Punta Cana

The Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel does not have its own airport transfer service and recommends that participants use a reputable taxi service from Punta Cana International Airport to travel to the hotel. The distance between the airport and hotel is 22.7km, and the taxi journey should take approximately 20 minutes, costing $30-$40 each way.

The hotel recommends the following service:

Connect Travel Service

Contact: Mr. Jose Luis Soto (Managing Director)

e-mail: md@ctsdr.com

Phone: 1-809-959-0505 or 786-863-8111

Travel and medical insurance

Participants are strongly recommended to obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover the full duration of your trip from departure to return to your home country.

Please check your country’s travel advice for travelling to the Dominican Republic. The UK government issues the following travel advice, which is updated regularly.


Dominican peso (RD$); The American dollar (US$) is also widely accepted. It is recommended that you carry US dollars on you for entering and leaving the country. For example, by Dominican law, there is a US$20 departure tax, the cost of which is usually included in your airfare (please check with your carrier).

Only exchange money at banks or official exchange offices (casas de cambio). The Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel has a currency exchange (charges apply). Please check with your bank/ credit/ debit card company if you are able to use the ATMs in the Dominican Republic. It is generally safer to use cash. The Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel accepts debit/ credit card payment, for which you must carry identification with you.

Official Language

Spanish; English is also widely spoken. The LEDS Global Partnership annual event will be held in English (while the LEDS LAC event which directly precedes the global event, will be held in Spanish with English translation).

Dress Code

The dress code for the LEDS Global Partnership annual event is smart-casual.


Punta Cana is located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, and is known for its tropical climate, which features high temperatures and lots of sunshine all year round. The average temperature for Punta Cana in October is 27°C, with highs of 32°C. October falls toward the end of the wet and hurricane seasons in Punta Cana, which means there is a good chance we’ll experience a fair bit of rainfall and strong winds during our stay!


GMT -5


110 volts and plugs are three broad bands.