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LEDS Global Partnership Annual Event 2015

The agenda will focus on two key areas based on demand from members: financing LEDS and assessment and communications of benefits.

Topics of focus for in-depth training sessions will include:

Financing LEDS

  • Accessing climate finance and donor support
  • Risk mitigation and private sector investment mobilization instruments
  • Public/ government fund allocation (budgets, infrastructure, procurements, funds etc)

Assessment and Communications of Benefits

  • Methods and tools for multiple benefit analysis
  • Approaches and strategies for communicating LEDS benefits
  • Methods and tools for assessing poverty reduction benefits

In addition, we will run focused peer learning sessions on Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU), Energy, Transportation, and Subnational Integration (SNI) of LEDS; and an innovation lab, which will give participants an opportunity to develop innovative solutions to common LEDS challenges.

LEDS GP Workshop Agenda