LAC Regional Platform Workshop Presentations

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Introductory Remarks: LAC Regional Platform and Workshop and the LEDS GP Session

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LEDS GP slides for LAC Event.pdf LEDS GP Slides

Interactive Session 1: Planning and Sustaining a LEDS Process

Document Title
Fernando Farias - 1aChilev1.pdf Making the Case for LEDS and Building Political Support: Chile on Engaging Ministries and Political Leaders
Lupe Guinand - 2012 11 06 PlanCC Apoyo Político VA (2)rev.pdf Planning for Climate Change Project (PlanCC) - Promoviendo Estrategias de Desarrollo Bajas en Carbono (LEDS) en el Perú
Karen Silverwood-Cope - Apres CostaRicaLEDS 071112.pdf Planning and Facilitating a Multi-stakeholder Process, Brazil
Iván Islas - LAC LEDS Platform.pdf Managing LEDS through Political Transition
Olga LUCIANO-LÓPEZ - Presentation, session 1c.pdf Catalyzing Low Carbon Development in the Dominican Republic Through the Formulation of the National Climate Change Policy
Asger Garnak - LEDS GP Costa Rica.pdf Learning from a Renewable Energy Success Story: Wind Energy in Denmark
20121129 Mexico LEDS.pdf Towards a Low Emissions Development Strategy for Mexico - Update and Perspectives

Interactive Session 2: Tools and Resources for Designing and Implementing a LEDS

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Juan Canessa.pdf Cambio Climático Territorial - Montevideo y Región Metropolitana de Uruguay
Neeraj Prasad - CostaRica V3.pdf Analytical Tools for Informing Climate Policy
David Rosenheim - LAC LEDS Forum Session 2b Vol & Mand GHG Reporting Systems.pdf Voluntary & Mandatory GHG Reporting Systems
Pablo Benitez - 2c-inclusive green growth.pdf Estrategias de Crecimiento Verde con Visión Social
Ron Benioff - GGBP LAC LEDS GP Pres.pdf Green Growth Best Practices (GGBP) Initiative

Interactive Session 3: Implementing LEDS and Linking with NAMAs

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(131112) Presentacion LAC LEDs.pdf LEDS y NAMAs: Peruvian approach
Eduardo Dopazo - Developing NAMAs and linking with LEDS ml.pdf NAMAs – The Mexican Experience
Mauricio Zaballa - TNA-LAC URC-mzr Nov2012October.pdf El Proyecto de Evaluación de Necesidades de Tecnologías (TNA) - Enfoque de Implementación y Avances

Interactive Session 4: LEDS Sector Challenges

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Worldwatch-INCAE LEDS GP nov13 AO AD.pdf The Way Forward for Renewable Energy in Central America
Damiano Borgogno - Presentación Transporte PNUD 13 de Noviembre 2012.pdf Rumbo a la Carbono Neutralidad en el Público en Costa Rica: Taxis y Autobuses
Christophe de Gouvello - Brazil LULUCF LEDS, Nov 13, 2012, LEDS Platf Costa Rica.pdf A LED Scenario for Land Use, Land Use Change and Forests - Methodology and Lessons from the Brazil Low Carbon Study
Muhammad Ibrahim - EC-leds in latin america and carribean.pdf Desarrollo de Estrategias de Bajas Emisiones en Agricultura, Forestería y Uso de la Tierra

Deep Dive Workshops on Specific Topics

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Pablo Benitez - Introduction Deep Dive WS Final.pdf Policy Instruments for Low Emission Development
Presentation MACTool for Costar Rica LEDS event Nov12, 2012.pdf The MACTool - The Easy and Transparent Way to Build a Marginal Abatement Costs Curve and Use It for Policy Purposes
WBI - Acciones Voluntarias, Regulaciones y Normas para el apoyo de un Desarrollo Bajo en Emisiones.pdf Acciones Voluntarias, Regulaciones y Normas para el apoyo de un Desarrollo Bajo en Emisiones
WBI - MBIs ver3 workshop.pdf Overview of Market-based Instruments to Support Low Emissions Development