Korea Power Exchange (KPX)

From Open Energy Information

Argonne-IIT Joint Graduate Program in Electricity Markets: In an agreement signed on March 26, 2007, Argonne National Laboratory and the Illinois Institute of Technology are joining with the Korea Power Exchange to establish a joint training program combining training and research at Argonne with formal academic education at IIT. Under this program, KPX will send members of its technical staff to Chicago every two years to enroll in the IIT Department for Electrical and Computer Engineering. KPX staff will participate in a graduate study program while conducting applied research at Argonne. IIT has agreed to grant KPX participants credit hours of course work toward a master's degree in the form of independent study at the Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analysis in Argonne's Decision and Information Sciences Division. Upon completion of the program, the KPX staff will graduate with a Master of Electricity Markets.