KBR Rural Public Power District

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KBR Rural Public Power District is a non-profit public utility whose mission is to safely provide our customers reliable, high quality and reasonably priced electricity and other energy related products and services.

The first official meeting of the Board of Directors of KBR was held in February of 1946 in Ainsworth, Nebraska. It was originally formed as a cooperative, KBR Electric Membership Cooperation. Engineering and construction loans were made through the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) in Washington, D.C. to begin the process of bringing electric service to the remote sandhills of north-central Nebraska.

KBR Rural Public Power District operates and maintains over 2,601 miles of distribution lines along with 126 miles of transmission line that are served by 16 substations located throughout the District’s remote 5,000 square mile service area. KBR purchases its’ total electrical energy requirements from Nebraska Public Power District.

KBR serves all of Brown, Rock, Keya Paha County and a large portion of Cherry County, in the remote sandhills of north central Nebraska.

Utility Rate Schedules


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