Jordan-World Bank Climate Projects

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World Bank Active Climate Projects in Jordan

  1. Jordan Energy Efficiency (1M) GEF Medium Sized Program
  2. Promotion of a Wind Power Market (6M) Global Environment Project
  3. JO-Amman Landfill Gas Recovery (15M) Carbon Offset
  4. Integrated Ecosystems in the Jordan Rift Valley (6.15M) Global Environment Project

Jordan Energy Efficiency

Promotion of a Wind Power Market

"The objective of the Promotion of a Wind Power Market Project for Jordan is to increase power supplied from renewable energy sources in a sustainable manner through the private sector and thereby help reduce the level of carbon emissions from hydrocarbon-based power generation sources. There are four components of the project. The first component of the project is development of a promotional wind Independent Power Producer (IPP) power plant. This component involve the following sub-components:

(a) supply and installation of equipment for generating electricity from wind resources to produce 60-70 MW of electricity in the area of Fujeij. The scheme will be developed and financed by private sector developer on a build-own-operate basis. Studies show that a total of about 200 GWh can be produced annually from a 60-70 MW wind farm. This will form part of the total wind power capacity of 600 MW the Government of Jordan (GoJ) plans to have operational by 2015;
(b) a portion of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) grant will contribute towards the provision of technical assistance in the design of the wind power plant as well as in the preparation of requests for the selection of private investors to develop said wind power plant.

Financing for a portion of the incremental cost of the wind farm will be channeled through a renewable energy fund to which the GoJ will contribute. The second component of the project is Jordan renewable energy and energy efficiency fund. This will consist of the following two sub-components:

(a) establishing a financing mechanism for Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (REEF) to support renewable energy activities;
(b) provision of financial support to Jordan REEF which will be applied to performance-based subsidies for wind power projects.

The GoJ will also contribute to the Jordan REEF. The third component of the project is renewable energy technical assistance support. The fourth and final component of the project is development of a market for renewable energy."

JO-Amman Landfill Gas Recovery

Integrated Ecosystems in the Jordan Rift Valley

"The Jordan Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Jordan Rift Valley Project will apply the principles of integrated ecosystem management (IEM) to the existing land use master plan of the Jordan Rift Valley (JRV) and establish a network of well managed protected areas that meets local ecological, social and economic needs. The project includes: consultative planning and management procedures involving all relevant stakeholders, to be successfully introduced to the Rift Valley to support the conservation of key biodiversity sites; a network of four protected areas (PAS) and seven special conservation areas (SCAs) in the JRV legally established and operating as models of IEM principles to support biodiversity conservation; elements for climate proofing biodiversity conservation within PAS and SCAs introduced into the conservation planning and implementation stages of the project; and sustainable financing mechanisms for PAS strengthened through increased capitalization, and adoption of economically viable, nature-based livelihood options by local communities in PAS and SCAs."


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